Finger Eleven

I’m no expert on most bands on Billboard’s Top Modern Rock Singles Chart, but seeing Finger Eleven on there sets me on a rant every time. Their newest disc came out last year, and the single Paralyzer has been in the top ten from November through the present. That’s fine; I wish them success. But I also wish that all the kids keeping them in the top ten would buy Tip, Finger Eleven’s first album. Now there’s something worth ranking.

Here’s the title track and more videos of live songs from Tip. I never skip a single track on this cd.

Finger Eleven started with the sweet band name the Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Then they changed their name and made Tip. Their next album The Greyest of Blue Skies was even harder (and quite good). Then an album with a GIANT single, One Thing. Bleh. Reminds me of the angsty-yet-acoustic superhit that Staind proved could be so popular if done while sitting on a futon in a room choked with candles wearing a standard black t-shirt. Songs like that are why we get our music fix online instead of listening to Clear Channel radio.

Finger Eleven’s turn from great to mediocre was very simple: they changed producers. The first two albums were produced by a guy also working with Our Lady Peace, Arnold Lanni, and the last two have been produced by the same guy who worked with Disturbed. ‘Nuf said. Our Lady Peace traced about the same arc, tanking after Lanni left. But when OLP was good, boy they were good.


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