Bon Iver and Black Mountain

Listen to this beautiful album from Bon Iver.

Go get it February 19. Download two tunes from Aquarium Drunkard to listen to on the way.

UPDATE 2.4.08: Buy the album from itunes and get a free extra track Wisconsin.

Bon Iver (say “bohn eevair”) is another home run off of the jagjaguwar label. It evokes the place in which it was made: a cabin in the woods, heavy with a northern winter. The simplicity of months of one dude alternately recording an album and cutting wood come through in the songs, and it makes me ache. From his bio: “Vernon sings the majority of the record in falsetto, which painfully expresses the meanings behind its overt, yet strangely entangled words. This newfound vocal path acts as each song’s main character and source of melody.” Dig it.

His tour piggy-backs on some of Black Mountain’s dates.

Black Mountain‘s In the Future came out a week ago. As you listen to the spacious, classic-inspired rock, harness it by imagining something powerful like driving in the mountains or gearing up to attend a bull fight. I don’t love what I’ve heard, but I totally respect that it sounds like they took the advice “If you’re gonna do it, do it big” very seriously.


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