The Flaming Lips

A couple bits of Flaming Lips news. You should definitely download this fantastic, addictive bluegrass version of Turn it On.

They’re also returning to Kansas the first week of June to headline the Wakarusa festival again. To see what the exuberant, prop-filled show will look like, check this YouTube clip of them at Waka in 2006 (bad sound, but it catches the spirit; for perfect sound watch the official video for the song Race for the Prize).

The last time I saw them, they covered Bohemian Rhapsody. Their covers are sincere, fun, and sincerely fun. You can grab some of them for your very own:

Beck’s The Golden Age (awesome) from Indie for Bunnies

The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army (awesome) from The Indie Index

Queen’s much covered Under Pressure from Dead Indie Elephants

Radiohead’s Knives Out from Indie for Bunnies


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