Rivers Cuomo and Weezer

After joyously rocking My Name Is Jonas on Guitar Hero, I feel the need to post about the January release Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. You can stream it on the Weezer site.

We all know Weezer sounds too polished, pop-y, and put-together these days; they packed up their vulnerability and dressed in grown-up top-40 finery in the twenty-first century. Luckily, frontman Rivers released this salve for our undying Blue Album/Pinkerton nostalgia.

The 18 demos on this new disc span 15 years. They include five tracks that were supposed to make it onto one of history’s great Sasquatch albums, the never-materialized post-Blue Album space rock opera Songs from the Black Hole.

The word around the hall lockers was always that Rivers had boxes full of penned songs stashed in cobwebby corners, wasting away, never to reach my eager ears. Thus, I have considered Rivers to be a malicious and miserly man for more than a decade. Though the rumors were true, according to a Pitchfork interview, the Alone album is everything I could wish for, so (as The Pixies wail) “I now repent.” Particularly because Rivers says he’d like to put together another such album for our listening pleasure. Thanks, dude.

Also, Weezer is releasing their sixth album on April 22. No details yet. I’m probably more psyched about a second Rivers-only demos album at this point, but I’m willing to be happily surprised.


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