R.E.M, Modest Mouse, and The National

I’m holding my breath for tickets to someday go on sale for the gigantic R.E.M, Modest Mouse, and The National summer tour promoting the April 1 rollout of R.E.M.‘s new disc Accelerate. Thanks to the wizards at Stereogum, we can listen to the track Supernatural Superserious, which has a big ole guitar hook and a radio-song friendliness.

R.E.M. has sort of faded out of the music scene’s consciousness, but if they would just ADD MORE SHOWS with this amazing line-up, they might be able to prove to all of us that InSound is right in its discussion of the 2007 live album/documentary release: “R.E.M. Live proves that the group packs a stronger punch live than they do in the studio.”

Thanks to Muzzle of Bees and BrooklynVegan for the tip on these 2008 tour dates.
May 23 – Vancouver, BC – Deer Lake Park
May 29 – Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
May 31 – Berkeley, CA – Greek Theatre
June 03 – Denver, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
June 06 – Chicago, IL – United Center
June 08 – Toronto, ON – Molson Amphitheatre
June 10 – Raleigh, NC – Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
June 11 – Washington, DC – Merriweather Post Pavilion
June 13 – Boston, MA – Tweeter Center
June 14 – Long Island, NY – Jones Beach Theater
June 18 – Philadelphia, PA – Mann Center
June 19 – New York, NY – TBA
June 21 – Atlanta, GA – Lakewood Amphitheatre

The combination of these three bands trumps all my misgivings about going to another amphitheater/arena venue. This is one of those moments when the music will easily transcend seats of any crappiness.

I love Modest Mouse. Listen to them on MySpace or to four live songs here. I hope they play a mix that represents their entire back catalog. The ever-helpful Hype Machine directs us to the location of songs such as Jesus Christ Was An Only Child, Float On, Parting of the Sensory, Bukowski, 3rd Planet, Dramamine, Worms vs. Birds, I Came As A Rat, and Summer. Each of these songs comes from a different MM disc (buy them!), and here’s a bonus b-side King Rat (right-hand column). As Isaac says in Summer, “Dance d-d-dance d-dance and go crazy!” Or, if brooding is more your speed, there’s plenty of that, too.

The National rocks my music world. Buy their discs. If you’ve already done the buying, grab three tracks from their Daytrotter session, but since that doesn’t address anything from the acclaimed Alligator, also check these THIRTEEN tracks (especially Secret Meeting, if you’re just easing into it) live from National French radio “Black Sessions.”

I saw this great rock show (download courtesy of NPR) at the 9:30 Club last summer during the Boxer tour. MPR’s The Current’s session with The National offers three more live songs. Whew! That’s a lotta goodies!

There’s also gonna be a documentary about The National: A Skin, A Night. It’s done by Vincent Moon, the brilliant bastard who orchestrates the Take Away Shows.

***The Take Away Show with The National doing their song Start a War is one of my very favorite things on the net; it seems it will be part of the film. Simple and perfect, and if you don’t listen to or watch anything else I recommend, at least humor me on this one.


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