Basia Bulat, Wolf Parade, and The New Pornographers

I’m content to let other bloggers do some work for me today regarding three Canadian bands. Cheers to them.

You can download songs by Basia Bulat from her Radio3 performance in Toronto. I think she’s fantastic. They have been transformed into magically delicious mp3s for you from i (heart) music. Once you’re hooked, buy her album.

I await Wolf Parade‘s next album, due in June, with a variety of adverbs (anxiously, eagerly, demandingly, etc.). Snakes Got a Blog did the painstaking work of ferreting out the songs that WP have performed live that will probably be on the new album, turning them into digital format, making a set list, and then posting the whole chunk for download. Buy Wolf Parade’s last full-length album, Apologies to the Queen Mary here.

I dig the new video of Myriad Harbour by The New Pornographers posted by Gorilla vs. Bear (download the song there, too). Myriad Harbour comes from the CD Challengers, which you can buy here. The video reminds me of a combination of the two videos for the Gnarls Barkley song Crazy: this one (my favorite) and this one (better sound quality).


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2 responses to “Basia Bulat, Wolf Parade, and The New Pornographers

  1. Will

    Have you seen the t-shirt that Wolf Parade has designed for charity?

    Available at


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