Black Francis

Oooooooh we are such lucky kids! Today we can buy Svn Fngrs, the new seven-song mini LP from Black Francis.

Black Francis is Frank Black, who I certainly never loved as a solo artist (unless he was covering Pixies songs). However, these new tunes are kick-ass low-fi, as good as you could want ’em to be.

BF/FB’s life calling was, of course, to be the Pixies‘ genius frontman. I don’t have the time right now to blog poetic about the Pixies, but suffice it to say they’re my favorite. Dig it! Also dig the 33 1/3 book about Doolittle.

You can stream a couple of Black Francis songs on his site or download them for free if you log in to MySpace.

Frank himself says, of the new tracks, “… let’s just say the theme revolves around a lot of NASTY sex, NASTIER death, and beautifully strange birth.”

You can watch the video for one of the songs, I Sent Away, on YouTube. This song, as well as the others I’ve heard, sound just exactly like what you want to hear when you turn on your local college radio station. Yea!

No U.S. tour dates yet. I’ll stay vigilant for such an announcement.

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