Gnarls Barkley

After taking a break from being jacked-in to the internet, I found a few things that looked interesting … but were not.

The new Gnarls Barkley video of Run, heralding their April album release, aptly titled The Odd Couple. The video includes Justin Timberlake goofing around, which is marginally more entertaining than the song, in which Danger Mouse does a terrible job of featuring Cee-Lo‘s talents. (from Subterranean Blog)

Eddie Vedder and Janet Weiss (of the now-defunct Sleater-Kinney) sing a duet with a ukulele. Not what you’d hope. And, btw, she’s not the same Sleater-Kinney singer that backs up Eddie Vedder in the cover of Gordon Peterson’s Big Hard Sun from EV’s Into the Wild soundtrack — that’s Corin Tucker. (from You Ain’t No Picasso)


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