Duffy is a premature sensation, with comparisons to Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse, and so I suppose we should all catch up on the buzz about her album Rockferry. Here’s a video for the title track song. Here’s a better one for the song Mercy, which looks too, too much like Lulu’s Ladies’ Choice scene in To Sir with Love. The line between retro and straight imitation isn’t that fine.

I’m not enamoured of her, but I’m glad to see that such a way-paving sound can sell. Actually, I hope it’s her sound that’s selling, and not just her blond hair and doe eyes, or chase-me chaste me talk like this: “I want to go out and have a laugh, and maybe I’ll go on a couple of dates. Why not? Basically, I want to do all the things that any other single 23-year-old wants to do.”

To listen to more, scroll down on Duffy’s MySpace to catch a stream of her on BBC Radio One. Or you can stream five songs on her sleek site iamduffy.com.

UPDATE 3/21: Chromewaves reviews her live show.


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