Grandaddy and Radiohead

Radiohead‘s extra goodie bonusness is finally available from their big April Fools Day at the BBC. The mp3s can be hijacked at Deaf Indie Elephants.


Grandaddy‘s 2000 disc The Sophtware Slump (buy it) is the kind of indie disc that could conquer your brain for months, haunting you, lulling you into its world until you forget other music even exists.

If you’re a Grandaddy fanatic, who is missing them since their 2006 breakup, then you’ll be interested to download frontman Jason Lytle’s free songs on the interwebs. He asks you to consider donating to this cause in lieu of paying for the tunes.

He offers the demos from Just Like The Fambly Cat (2006) (review), as well as an acoustic charity show of him solo. The demos are fun. And though die-hards will of course like him solo, I’m having a difficult time listening to him sing Chartsengrafs when I could listen to the band’s amazing rock-out version on this live YouTube.

For another couple listens to G-daddy songs, in case you missed them the first time around, YouTube Hewlett’s Daughter and/or The Crystal Lake. Very tasty.

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