Wolf Parade

Stereogum magnanamously posted a downloadable track from Wolf Parade‘s long-awaited album (maybe called Kissing the Beehive) due out this June.

The song is Call it a Ritual, and it bodes well for the forthcoming disc. I have to ask, though, does it make anyone else hum Justin Timberlake‘s Cry Me A River (watch, and wait for the chorus to compare) for the rest of the day? The chords trigger me, and I’m not too happy about it because I don’t even know how I know what any JT song sounds like …

Wolf Parade’s 2005 Apologies to the Queen Mary (buy it right now!) blew my mind and was on constant loop all last summer. I’ll Believe in Anything (incongruous music video here, well-edited live video here) hammers on the tuning fork of my soul. Yeah, that intense. So I’m geared up for another Wolf Parade summer.

To fuel the fire, you can download previously unheard live Wolf Parade songs. These good-sound-quality mp3s from their concerts give us a decent picture of the new album’s awesomeness.


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