I’ve felt deluged by BritSortaSoul lately (Duffy, Adele, Amy, etc.), so I wrote the Estelle hype off without listening. Estelle herself has been bewildered by the fact that white girls in this BritSortaSoul craze have dominated “the sounds of blackness.” But if Soul Sides says she’s the real deal, then I’ll try her out.

Soul Sides hosts the mp3 for the song Come Over (download), but I like neither the echo effect on her voice nor the wind chimes in that tune. And let’s be clear: she’s hip hop, not soul.

I do like, however, her older Lauren Hill-like songs such as 1980. And I like this song No Substitute Lover off the new album, but I feel George Michael (who is inexplicably back on tour) should get some credit for the lyrics from Faith

You can listen to Estelle on her MySpace or watch the video of American Boy, her and Kanye West’s superhit. Her album Shine comes out in the states the end of the month (preorder/buy). In addition to Kanye, there are also tracks with Will.I.Am, Wyclef Jean, Cee-lo, and John Legend.

Of course, now there will be even more copycats. But luckily, we can still listen to real soul, funk, and R&B. Check in tomorrow for some old-school magnificence.

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  1. durasm

    Both Duffy and Estelle is great. Estelle just feels threatened and so she lashes out. It is the R thing reversed. The point is in our generation we should look beyond that…Duffy sounds great. Warwick Avenue is amazing Estelle sounds great as well..

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