The new Weezer single, Pork and Beans, is available for download today via your digital point-of-purchase of choice or on their site here.

Amazon lets you play a clip of the song as a tasty preview.

The single is the first glimpse of Weezer’s forthcoming June 17 self-titled album. It may be named Weezer, but according to rumor and geeky message boards, it’s purportedly going to be called the red album. Sweet. Dance with who brung you to the dance, Rivers.

Rick Rubin produced approximately a third of the new album, which is exciting. Rivers Cuomo claims the 2008 release will be “dark and deep and beautiful,” and “definitely more sophisticated and adventurous. You’ll hear very long songs … and non-traditional structures.” I don’t get that vibe from the Pork and Beans clip, but I won’t be dissapointed either way.

Buy Weezer’s discs here.

Did anyone pick up Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo? I got excited about in in January but never spent the money …

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