Commercials’ Music

I like the song I heard for the Nike Sparq Training commercial. It’s Saul Williams’ List of Demands.

I also like the song in the parkour/soccer FIFA Street 3 commercial that VSL turned me onto. The track, La Pelota, feat. Alejandro Londono, is made by some ad agency music production company (Massive Music).

The two are similar. Not worth buying a disc, but worth a listen or a download.

Viral commercials launched both José González (Sony Bravia ad) and Hem (Liberty Mutual ad) for me, so don’t knock it. I don’t even want to get in to the iPod star-maker ads (’cause other people already have, ad nauseum).

Oh, and file the Meat Loaf/Tiffany pairing in this GoPhone commercial under random. I get a kick out of it, actually.

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  1. fyi: spank rock is doing salad dressing commercials now

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