Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers, out in some theaters now, is certainly in the running for cult favorite of the year. Watch the trailer.

It features Jenna Jameson. Sure, her plastic surgery got her where she is in the porno biz, and too much of it has resulted in her career jumping the shark, but this film looks tremendous despite/because of these things …

It’s set in Sartre, Nebraska. Pronounced sahr-treeeeee. Excellent

Is it one of the last true grindhouse films?

Okay, why is this in a music blog? Dunno, really. The soundtrack has some appropriate songs from Roxy Saint. But it’s this quote from a NYTimes review that made me think to blog about the movie:

“Though not nearly as clever as it aims to be, the film at least tries. In addition to drawing inspiration from Eugène Ionesco’s ever-relevant absurdist play “Rhinoceros,” it’s full of jabs at the Bush administration and philosophy references — for starters, Jenna Jameson, as the first stripper to succumb to zombification, reads and quotes Nietzsche.”

That bit made me think of a non-soundtrack tune: Nietzsche, by The Dandy Warhols (download mp3). It’s off of Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, my favorite disc of theirs, and was in the soundtrack for the film Antitrust.

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  1. Lennie

    Is there a soundtrack for this movie?

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