Death Cab for Cutie

The new Death Cab for Cutie album Narrow Stairs doesn’t come out until May 13 (tour schedule). You can watch the (fairly uninspiring) video for the album’s first single I Will Posses Your Heart.

But the real news is the Death Cab Daytrotter Session that features downloadable or streamable mp3s of both old and new songs. Set list, including the quite good Cath:

1) A Movie Script Ending from The Photo Album
2) Cath from the forthcoming Narrow Stairs [recommended]
3) Styrofoam Plates from The Photo Album
4) Talking Bird from the forthcoming Narrow Stairs
5) The New Year from Transatlanticism
6) Why You’d Want To Live Here from The Photo Album

Speaking of old Death Cab, here’s a YouTube of Title and Registration (off of Transatlanticism … I never did get in to Plans …), which is cribbed from the DCFC documentary Drive Well, Sleep Carefully. The multi-venue concert DVD is aptly named because I think of Ben Gibbard’s music as driving to the mountains music, particularly The Postal Service.

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One response to “Death Cab for Cutie

  1. gmanzione

    One thing that worries me about this new Death Cab album is that their own label is describing it as “their most daring and adventurous effort to date.” Yikes. Whenever a band is complimented for its “ambition,” that tends to be synonymous “god, this is awful.” We’ll see.

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