There’s no feeling in the world better than when you first find out your favorite band is coming to town.

Except the feeling when you learn that one of your favorite bands is back together, releasing a new album, and touring. Can you see me jumping up and down?!?!

The new Toadies album, No Deliverance, comes out August 19. Stream the title track at their MySpace.

An article/interview at Spin ends by quoting lead singer Todd Lewis on “what the Toadies, especially after all these years, can offer fans and the music industry that no other rock band can:

‘Balls. A ton of balls.'”

And they’ve got lots of tour dates in which to teabag us with their incredible charisma and raucous stage presence.

The Toadies broke up seven years ago while I was living in Dallas, just a couple of years after Tripping Daisy called it quits. It was a one-two punch to my rock-show loving soul. Two of my favorite frontmen, first Tim DeLaughter (a long post of mine) and then (real first name Vaden) Todd Lewis, gone away. Each quickly moved on to another great project, The Polyphonic Spree and The Burden Brothers, respectively. But I always missed l’original.

Before I rhapsodize about The Toadies, I do want to briefly plug The Burden Brothers’ discs Buried in Your Black Heart (buy it) and Mercy (buy it and listen to some of it). I can’t do much better than this Village Voice description: “BB are a kick ass hard rock combo who riff off Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age’s neo metal blues and Weezer /Pixies power chord sing-alongs.” It’s more in your face than you’re expecting, and who doesn’t want that? When I saw them, they hadn’t released a proper album yet, just a homemade EP, and for a 15-minute song they thrash-jammed while Todd was repeating (screeching) the phrase Dirty Sanchez, which whipped the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

The Burden Brothers were/are something of a local supergroup, with Todd joined by Taz Bentley, the former drummer for Reverend Horton Heat. BB is shuffling other personnel right now but haven’t “broken up.” [It is hard to do … ]

Now, on to The Toadies!

In 1994 the album Rubberneck broke. Yeah, it’s the one with Possum Kingdom, which you know you crank on your radio every time it plays on “’90s at noon.” You also know you’re unsure what it’s about … you’re hoping you’re not getting too excited about date rape while you sing along from the drivers’ seat.

Here are some more YouTubed music videos for songs from Rubberneck: Tyler, Backslider, and Mister Love.

It wasn’t until 2001 when the band struggled through record company problems to get Hell Below/Stars Above released. The title track is perfect in so many ways, pushing the band into a dynamic range they had not previously revealed.

Both albums are amazing. So, so solid. I can’t wait for the new one in August!

In the meantime, grab these rare tracks from a die-hard fan:

Toadies’ I Hope You Die

Toadies’ Possum Kingdom (Live)

Toadies’ cover of Talking Heads’ Not in Love

And also download the mp3 of this cover of (you guessed it!) The Pixies’ Where is My Mind.



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5 responses to “Toadies

  1. Here are four songs that didn’t make Hell Below/Stars Above. Two of them, “Joey, Lets Go” and “Waterfall” can be found in the Feeler link that Brian gave, but those versions are the actual ‘B’ Sides for HB/SA. The other two songs are very rare. They where even missing from my rather large Toadies collection. The two songs are:
    [b]“Kill Yourself”
    “Jack & Woolite”[/b]

    Here are 5 new songs recorded live at the Black Cat in DC that should be on the new CD.
    [b]“So Long Lovey Eyes”
    “Nothing To Cry About”
    “Man Of Stone”
    “No Deliverance”

    “Our Love is Rice and Beans and Horses Lard”

  2. Most excellent. Thanks a lot, Thomas!

  3. I just realized that part of what I said makes no sense. The link I was refering to about the Feeler songs is here.
    Toadies unreleased 1997 CD called Feeler.
    01. ATF
    02. City of Hate
    03. Pink
    04. Waterfall
    05. Twitch
    06. Mine
    07. Dead Boy Boogie
    08. Tornado
    09. Joey, Let’s Go
    10. Suck Magic
    11. Clarksville
    12. Your Day
    13. Littlefish
    14. Send You to Heaven

  4. cycarol

    Holy Sh*#- Thanks for the info on the Toadies. They are and forever will be one of my all time faves. On my way to look into it right now. :)

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