Cody ChesnuTT

Happy fourth, folks!

Also, happy 100th Stella Splice post!

Gorilla vs Bear turned me on to Cody ChesnuTT‘s campaign song Afrobama: The Unified Party Anthem.

Download it for free (how cool does that webpage look!) or stream it at his MySpace.

I like the song quite a bit, though it doesn’t have a hook singable/simple enough to ignite the crowd at a rally. Instead I want it playing on a boombox while the singing kids play in a fire hydrant on a hot summer day. Worth checking out.

And after listening to this song, I find myself jonesing for Cody’s breakout (and really, his only) release The Headphone Masterpiece. If you don’t own it (it’s worth the price), you can at least download the free mp3 of the song Look Good in Leather from a succinct but good review in Salon.

For more on music/musicians’ relationship to the Obama campaign, read my earlier post.

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