Beck and Benji Hughes

Tomorrow we can buy the new Danger-Mouse-produced Beck album, Modern Guilt. You can bet yer summer-lovin’ ass I’ll be there.

Listen on Beck’s MySpace to three songs from the disc, Orphans, Gamma Ray, and Chemtrails. For the scoop on what chemtrails are, check out this Guardian article.

Watch Beck Hansen perform the title track to the new album live on YouTube.

Drowned in Sound did a most-welcome song-by-song review of the album. It’s a fun read that will really whet your appetite.

If you’re a fan of Cat Power, you’ll be glad to know lead singer Chan Marshall does backing vocals on Beck’s Orphans track, according to Stereogum.

If you’re excited about the Beck, also let me recommend Benji Hughes‘ forthcoming (July 22) 25-song album A Love Extreme.

Listen at Benji’s MySpace. Sometimes he sounds like the stripped-down funked out bits of Beck, such as in his song Tight Tee Shirt. And sometimes it’s like The Eels covering Jack Johnson in a good way; see All You’ve Got To Do Is Fall In Love.

Download four free and legal Benji Hughes mp3s.

Unfortunately, his tour is already over. But to get ramped up for his debut release later this month, Ryan at Muzzle of Bees thoughtfully provides two mp3s (So Well and You Stood Me Up) for download. Also, you can pay to download five songs via iTunes that were released as an EP titled A Little Extreme.


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