Grand Ole Party

I love the disc from Grand Ole Party. Get out your plastic money and buy their album Humanimals.

The female lead singer plays drums. Watch the trio perform Bad, Bad Man. Her insistant, staccato vocals convict you with each piercing syllable; they fall somewhere between Heart and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with a dollop of Grace Slick.

For more superlatives about her voice and style, see this The Stonewailer article. At that link, you can also download songs I.N.S.A.N.E., Roll on Down, Turn On, Burn On, and Radio. Radio is a MUST HAVE. It’s a dubbed-out remix by The Scientist. I’m really loving dub lately.

Daytrotter offers three GOP songs for download: Dirty Spirit Rag, Gypsy March, and Look Out Young Son, plus an additional unreleased mp3 titled Next Day Nightmare.

I think the lyrics to the album’s opening track Look Out Young Son, which you can hear on their MySpace, illustrate the band’s overall aesthetic:

“I must be the devil’s daughter /  Such a dark father to dwell in me / Bastard child that I am / You can see it in my swagger / In the palmist’s lines of my hands / And my lips that bud like daggers … Look out young son / When I bloom you come a-crawlin.'”


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