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King Khan and The Shrines

You gotta listen to King Khan and The Shrines. It’s an Indian-Canadian dude who with his buddy BBQ turns out explosive German garage funk. It’s like Mick Jagger hung out a lot with James Brown and was backed up by the bass player for Sly and the Family Stone and horns and an organ arranged by Brian Wilson, all jamming in the Stax studios. In other words, so much fun it should be illegal. Watch!

This album, The Supreme Genius Of King Khan & The Shrines, is certainly going to be on my year-end best-of list. Go! Be sure to listen to a couple, because their sound varies, but def wait around for Torture and Took My Lady Out to Dinner.

Download these songs: the sweet little ditty Welfare Bread, Burnin Inside, and I Wanna Be A Girl.

I remember my local record store clerk telling me she was way into the The King Khan & BBQ Show disc, but I stupidly ignored her. Boy am I sorry now. Also, it makes me want to check out these dudes’ former band The Spaceshits.


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