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Kings of Leon

You can grab a free mp3 Crawl hot off the Kings of Leon‘s September 23 release Only By the Night (thanks for the tip MOKB). Simply go to their site and they’ll send you a link in exchange for your email addy.

Think of the Kings of Leon sound, only maybe if they were making a theme song for Escape from LA and maybe if it were produced by Trent Reznor. Or something. On pills and booze.

If you don’t have the brothers’ (+ one cousin) older albums, gear up by buying them here. Because of the Times is very different from their even earlier stuff, so buy that disc and one older to cover your bases. Sounds like this new one will be a shocker even compared to that broad range.


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Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor released a NIN instrumental-only album, Ghosts I-IV, consisting of 36 tracks that last almost two hours. You can download one track from Ghosts for free or the whole shebang for five bucks here.

Trent deftly wields the term internets on his blog; making use of the internets, “Reznor also made the tracks available through various rogue file-sharing sites, including piratebay.org, and amazon.com. He has attached no digital-rights restrictions to the music and is encouraging listeners to share and remix it as extensively as possible” (Chicago Tribune article).

This putzing around sort of stuff doesn’t do it for me (I’m more of a Piggy fan, myself), but I am happy for this affordable glimpse into a different side of TR, which I know his true believers will love.

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